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Hey there! I´m Alicia, a woman on a mission to empower others to know their worth and become their most strongest, loving versions of themselves.

xo Alicia


I always knew deep down I had an important message to share

After losing my mom to cancer at 15, I went down a dark and lonely path of depression, no self worth & little to no self love or self esteem. I lived the next 10 years struggling quietly and ultimately thinking I wasn't worth being here.

After a very pivotal moment in my life, I decided it was time to heal. It was time to heal because I was WORTH being here. Life was worth living and I was SO damn capable of creating my DREAM self and my DREAM life.

For the past 5 years I have put in extreme work to be the confident, self loving woman I am today who KNOWS I am capable to create my dream life.

I have manifested the heck out of the life I have now and this is JUST the start. It is now my mission to EMPOWER women to see they can LIVE in their magic and OWN their future.

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It's time to take your power back and become HER. We are in our
inner GLO UP ERA.

Your best life, starts with your best mindset.

Where you´re at...

You're struggling with confidence issues, feeling unsure of yourself and your abilities.

You are constantly doubting yourself and not sure how to evolve.

You're always prioritizing others' needs over your own well-being, neglecting self-care and personal growth.

You feel uncertain about your passions, desires, and what truly fulfills you.

Where you want to be...

You feel empowered, inspired, and passionate about your life's direction.

You have broken free from self doubt and believe in yourself. 

You understand and respect yourself enough to practice self care and not feel guilty about it. 

You have clarity in your goals, passions, and purpose, knowing what truly fulfills you.

Her Inner GLO Project was made to give you more

To provide transformative tools for women to break free from the self doubt that holds them back from being the most strongest, loving & fulfilled version of themselves.

Build unshakeable confidence in ALL areas of your life.

Rediscover who you are and what sets your soul on fire.

Grow, evolve and love who you are unconditionally.

Learn effective goal setting strategies to simplify all areas on your life.


Nice words that have been said

Alicia has always been inspiring for me. When we first connected, I immediately felt her drive to empower me through her desire to serve! Since then I have seen her continue to help elevate women to be the best versions of themselves. She’s always willing to authentically share her story in order to inspire others going through the same struggles. She is quite an inspiration and although I only met her a short time ago, I’m proud to call her my friend.

Shanna Alonge - Mama & Digital Marketer


Some of the ways we can work together...


The GLO UP Reset

The ultimate stepping stone for women who are ready to embark on becoming their best selves. 21 Days of transformative tools, lessons and habits to self reflect, build confidence and goal set.


The GLO UP Collective

The Becoming Her Project's signature program that will dive deep into building unshakeable confidence in all areas of your life, gain clarity on your life purpose (what set's your soul on fire) AND a fool proof action plan (even for us busy mama's) to get you on the road to creating the dream life you deserve.


1:1 Dream Life Coaching

A personalized 3 month program tailored specifically to YOU, your life, your goals and your dream life outcome.

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